About Us

Numerays Consulting is an economic advisory, which provides advice on economic matters related to the Competition Act 2002 and the Contracts Act 1872 within the jusrisdiction of India. These services are available to all the stakeholders in an industry; Companies, Law firms, Trade associations, Consumer bodies, Government agencies and Legislative bodies.

Typically we take a preliminary position on a case shortly after a first meeting with the clients; Thereafter it is up to the client to continue their association with us or not. Our aim is to develop a thorough understanding of the issue that face our clients, rigorously analyse them within the appropraite economic model, then subject the conclusions if necessary to empirical testing.

One of the aims of Numerays is to provide high quality economic advice on competition matters to inform inputs into the decision making process and ensure the diffusion of economic learning to all stakeholders. Numerays Consulting was founded on the 4th of July, 2013, as part of the larger goal of promoting competition policy in india as an integral tool of economic policy.

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