An Article on the Original Abuse of Dominance Case

An article on the original abuse of dominance case against DLF written by Madhav Dar was published in the November 2016 issue of Competition Law Reports which is available at the link below:
Incomplete Contracts: An Analysis Of The Dlf Case
This piece explains at length our position on the DLF case, namely that no Abuse of Dominance has been carried out by DLF though there maybe some other anticompetitive acts performed by them. It points out that the Apartment Buyers Agreement is an incomplete contract and suggests that DLF has taken advantage of this feature in the classical way suggested by Incomplete Contracting Theory (ICT). It also deals with the issue of jurisdiction in the case.

International Competition Network Annual Conference 2018

The ICN (International Competition Network) Annual Conference is currently taking place in New Delhi, India from 21st to 23rd March, 2018. Large parts of the worldwide competition community have converged to New Delhi for 3 days of discussion on many aspects of Competition law and Policy. This is the first ICN Annual Conference in India and gives some idea of how much importance the Indian economy and jurisdiction are viewed from around the globe. Full details of the Conference can be found on the ICN or Competition Commission of India (CCI) website.

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