Practice Areas

Numerays Consulting core practice area is of antitrust and competition as also Public Policy. We can also assist regulatory bodies.

Antitrust and Competition

Our core area of expertise is Antitrust and Competition. We use industrial organisation theory, economics and econometrics to analyse issues that arises in antitrust cases. Covered here are cases related to collusion and cartel behaviour, anticompetitive vertical restraints & abuse of dominance practices. We deal with cases involving price fixing, bid rigging and market allocation, predatory pricing, bundling and various forms of exclusionary conduct. Our work includes the definition of relevant markets.
We evaluate proposed mergers and acquisitions on behalf of private parties and government agencies in terms of their likely effects on prices, costs and welfare. We also do compliance work for phase I and II merger enquiries.

Public Policy

Numerays Consulting can perform public policy studies on behalf of individual companies, trade associations, government agencies and legislative bodies in India. Numerays Consulting economists assist clients with public policy issues in areas including regulatory and policy reform and the analysis of proposed legislation.


We examine agreements and contracts from the economic point of view to check that those do not violate the Contracts Act 1872 or the Competition Act 2002 . We advise on the draffting of agreements and undertake such draffting ourselves.

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