Practice Areas

Our core practice area is of Antitrust and/or Competition where we provide comprehensive services. We do Public Policy and Regulatory work as well.

Antitrust and Competition

Our core area of expertise is antitrust/competition within the jurisdiction of India. Here we provide a full range of services starting with meeting compliance requirements to policy advice on competition matters. In particular, clients wishing to file complaints under the Competition Act 2002 within the jurisdiction of India can avail of our services from drafting to submission of documents. We do merger filings for firms starting with informing them of compliance requirements to submission of documents to providing advice on potential antitrust cases.

We use Industrial Organisation theory, economics and econometrics to analyse issues that arise in antitrust cases including market definition. We suggest a suitable framework for the problem at hand to reach meaningful conclusions and provide correct insights. We provide economic analyses to determine whether horizontal agreements or anticompetitive vertical restraints have indeed taken place as also whether abuses of dominance have taken place. Similarly with mergers we try to determine whether these cause anticompetitive harm.

Public Policy

At Numerays Consulting we do studies of some sectors. In particular Real Estate, Stock Exchanges, Banking and E-commerce. We can also assist clients with regulatory work in these areas.


We examine agreements and contracts from the economic point of view to check that those do not violate the Contracts Act 1872 or the Competition Act 2002 . We advise on the draffting of agreements and undertake such draffting ourselves.

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